2018 olympics womens figure skating. Women's Short Program - Figure Skating | PyeongChang Replays | Olympic Channel

2018 olympics womens figure skating. Figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics

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USA once dominated women's figure skating. So what happened? | Sport | The Guardian

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The parallels between this competition and are striking, with Medvedeva playing the role of year-old Michelle Kwan, and Zagitova the year-old Lipinski, only with far less international experience. Lipinski was the world champion heading into the Nagano Games, but was still considered a huge underdog in her epic contest with the iconic Kwan. Past being prologue, we should have known the judges were going to do it again. But when it came down to it, when the sport, through its nine judges, was doing the choosing, it went with the better jumper. The judges tied the two, down to the th of a point, in the long program. That was, in a word, ridiculous. In a September competition, the same long program earned Zagitova a