Living faith church worldwide aka winners chapel. Winners Chapel, Canada – The Living Faith Church Worldwide

Living faith church worldwide aka winners chapel. History Of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel)

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Living Faith Church Worldwide International | Downloads

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Even if it is years from now, it doesn't matter. Those after us will be hotter than us. Those taking over from those after us will be hotter than they are". If there is any pentecostal ministry which has unashamedly learnt or imbibed from the wisdom, longevity, continuity and succession of the Catholic Church, it is the Living Faith Church which has 'Wisdom' as one of her 12 Cardinal Plllars or Pillars of the Commission. It is detailed in a Red Book known as "The Mandate". David Olaniyi Oyedepo received the 'mandate' for this commission on May 1st and 2nd , in an 18 hour vision. He called his associates and they set up a 70 man 'Power House' going through a 28 month prayer and fasting period.