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Frankie and johnny sex scene. Audra McDonald, Michael Shannon talk Broadway's 'Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune'

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Back then, McNally used the hetero one-night stand of two co-workers at a greasy spoon to explore both the possibilities and the dangers of intimacy during the height of the AIDS epidemic. The play makes a few veiled references to the disease. But director Arin Arbus, working with intimacy and fight director Claire Warden, thoughtfully reconsiders what this seemingly mismatched, middle-aged s couple has to teach us in the MeToo era. Because after that first athletic bout of sex, waitress Frankie would really just like short-order cook Johnny to go home so she can enjoy some ice cream and watch TV. Slowly but surely, in fits and starts, these two lonely souls dance at connection, and at building a relationship that might last past dawn. Can she trust him? Is it too late for love?