Kenneth okonkwo and ogechi ezekiel. Latest On Kenneth Okonkwo, Wedding, Biography, Marriage, Movies

Kenneth okonkwo and ogechi ezekiel. Kenneth Okonkwo And Ogechi Ezekiel

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Biography & Net Worth of Nollywood Actor Kenneth Okonkwo - Austine Media

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Kenneth Okonkwo is a very successful Nigerian actor, lawyer and politician. He also studied theology at Bible School. The general public first learned about Kenneth Okonkwo in after he played the lead role in a Nollywood movie called "Living in Bondage"; he became widely known as "Andy Okeke", which is the name of the character he portrayed in the movie. In the popular movie, his character, Andy, joined a secret cult and sacrificed his wife in order to obtain wealth, unfortunately for him, he had to suffer great repercussion for his actions as he became constantly haunted by the ghost of his wife. Somehow, even without large-scale advertising, the film became quite popular and in very high demand at the time.