Large menstrual blood clots images. Menstrual Clots: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment & More

Large menstrual blood clots images. Blood Clots during Period: Pictures, Large, Miscarriage, Painful, Cure

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What Blood Clots During Your Period Mean

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When you think about clots of blood, you might imagine the kind that come together when you have a cut. Your body springs into action, combining enough platelets blood cells that adhere to each other and proteins from plasma the liquid part of your blood to plug the injured blood vessel, the Mayo Clinic says. This is how clots help to stop bleeding. Blood can also clot in your veins, especially if you have risk factors like being pregnant, which causes hormone changes that increase your blood clot risk, or recent surgery, because moving less also contributes to this hazard. These clots can dissipate without harm, but sometimes they can be life-threatening. The blood clots that can emerge from your vagina during your period are a bit different than these other types, though.