Liam hemsworth shirtless pics. Liam Hemsworth Shirtless Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Liam hemsworth shirtless pics. Liam Hemsworth Shirtless Pictures

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Liam Hemsworth Shirtless Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

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Okay, so, either Liam Hemsworth just got hacked or he's finally become one of those guys who likes to post multiple photos of himself half-naked with captions that attempt to justify the post. Either way, we ain't mad at it. In the third snap, the actor could be seen "enjoying" a freezing cold ice bath. Why is he dunking himself in a bath of ice? Considering Liam's buff physique in the other photos, we take it the actor has been training hard. Hey, if a Hemsworth feels the need to share insight to their shirtless workout and recovery routine, who are we to stop them?