Mens freestyle skiing olympics. Freestyle skiing at the Winter Olympics – Men's moguls - Wikipedia

Mens freestyle skiing olympics. Freestyle skiing at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Men's moguls

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PyeongChang Ski Slopestyle men - Olympic Freestyle Skiing

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Norway's Oystein Braaten needed just a single run to grab the Winter Olympics gold medal in Sunday's freestyle skiing slopestyle competition. The Norwegian scored Here's a look at the podium finishers, via sportswriter Erin DeGregorio:. Braaten, who had qualified with the fifth-highest score behind Beaulieu-Marchand and ahead of Goepper, pulled out all of the stops on his first run, bagging himself scores of Such a lofty total would have seen him qualify as the second-best rider behind only Oscar Wester of Sweden, and he was understandably happy with the result, per CBC Olympics:.