Nudes on iphone. 6 secret apps to hide your sexy photos

Nudes on iphone. How to Safely Take Nude and Sexy Photos on Your iPhone or iPad

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6 secret apps to hide your sexy photos

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After the celebrity photo scandal , people started wondering if iCloud was a safe place to store your sexy photos. It's important to maintain the discretion of your photo collection, but it's not difficult to make sure you are keeping those photos safe. This step will shut down all communication to and from the device, making it virtually unhackable and preventing photos from being uploaded to iCloud through My Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library. Turning on Airplane Mode stops the photo from being uploaded to the internet before it is uploaded instead of you deleting after it is uploaded. Alternatively, you can turn on Airplane Mode by opening Settings and tapping the switch next to the setting. Next, take your photos or video. As long as Airplane Mode is on, they aren't going anywhere beyond your device.